Jan 23 2017 Posted: 12:59 GMT
Valediction: The Conditions of the University
by Prof Rod Stoneman
with an introduction by Prof Timothy Emlyn Jones

Professor Rod Stoneman will deliver the lecture 'Valedication: The Conditions of the University' in Seminar Room GO10, Ground Floor, Hardiman Research Building, January 25th  between 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm. For further details contact karenm.walsh@nuigalway.ie

An undergraduate in university in England during the 1970s, returning to tertiary education after work in the television and film industries with a university post in Ireland in 2003 – I offer this valedictory talk as a review of changing conditions of engagement: reflections on moments of rupture and continuity in a varied life of commitment, pleasure and “savage indignation”.

As for Caravaggio’s luscious painting – the apprehension of the boy, the lizard’s bite, the realisation of the glass vase – I have never been able to explain to myself the relation between them.

Professor Rod Stoneman