May 23 2017 Posted: 19:51 IST

Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUI Galway

Research Symposium 2017

Monday May 29th

Broken Beyond Repair? Irish Broad Casting Policy in the 21st Century

Keynote: Dr Roddy Flynn,
(Dublin City University)
Huston Main
NUI Galway

Bio: Dr Roddy Flynn is Chair of the MA in Film and Television at the School of Communications. Dublin City University. He writes and researches extensively on film and broadcasting policy in Ireland and Europe and is author (with John Horgan) of "Irish Media History" to be published by Four Courts Press in Autumn 2017.

Abstract: Irish broadcasting has experienced a succession of "perfect storms" since the beginning of this century. An increasingly crowded marketplace has meant intensive competition for audiences and advertising revenue: Irish advertisers could place their commercials on five channels in 2000 but in 2017 there are 48, most of which are based overseas. There is also increasing competition from non-linear television: having launched in 2012, Netflix is available in one in five Irish homes and in late 2016 was joined by Amazon Prime. Though radio and television have retained audiences in absolute terms (indeed the Irish as a while watch more daily television in 2017 than they did in 2007), they face increasing competition for attention from other screen media: by 2015, media accessed online were not merely on a par with television as a source of news for Irish audiences but far exceeded the influence of print and radio as media. The ongoing impact of the post-2008 crash has seen broadcast revenues collapse while appeals to the state for greater public funding have largely fallen on deaf ears (due in part to European Commission restrictions on state aid to public broadcasters). This presentation seeks to delineate the various political, economic, social and technical influences on the current Irish broadcasting landscape, to identify their impact and to prognosticate as to the likely future shape of broadcasting in Ireland.

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